About Kevin

So Who Is Kevin Seguin?

And why should you read the things I write?

I'm a Biblical Conservative.

I believe in reading the Bible at face value. I read the Bible simply and I take it at face value. It is my highest authority. I think the authors meant what they said, and that God meant them to say it that way, both for their audiences and for us today.

I'm a Cultural Liberal

I think it's both dishonest and destructive of Christians to expect non-Christians to live up to and abide by the Christian moral code. We live the way we live because we find freedom and joy in what scripture teaches and because we are grateful to the God who saved us so we want to live lives that please Him in return. We do it out of a heart of thankfulness, I don't understand why some Christians put behaviour and morality before the Gospel.

I'm a Husband

To a beautiful wife and a father to three wonderful kids. My desire is to lead and serve them well as I, in turn, follow my Lord.

I'm a Pastor

Sort of. (Read about that experience here) I love pastoral work, and I look forward with anticipation to the next place the Lord will lead our family.

I Want To See The Church Act Differently In The World

My biggest passion in ministry is seeing how believers can bring the Gospel into the world around us while pursuing the lost art of winsomeness. This site, and much of my writing will be about that. Engaging culture with the truth of the Gospel in a way that is winsome, wise, and as Colossians 4:6 directs us: "seasoned with salt." It's my hope that what I say here helps you not only in your own faith, but helps you share it more effectively and fruitfully.