Test-Tube Faithfulness Pt. 4

As told to: Kevin Seguin

My own wife had been told for years that it would be very difficult for her to have children. It is a topic that we discussed quite a bit while we were dating and into our engagement and first year or so of marriage. Infertility is a topic that isn't discussed much in the church, far less the options when dealing with it. 

Some dear friends of ours have been struggling for years, and their story is filled with ups, downs, and everything in between. They have generously agreed to share their journey in the hopes of encouraging others in a similar position. It is our hope that this piece (which will come to you in four parts) will function as a jumping off point for church leaders, believers, and even couples facing this challenge as well. This is a painful topic for many and for many reasons. Our prayer is that this conversation is helpful to you.


As I write this I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and loving it. I’ve waited so long for this moment and I’m trying to enjoy every minute God has graced us with. Pregnancy isn’t easy on the body, but I’ve been graced with a fairly easy pregnancy so far and I’m very thankful for that.

As for the future, we are just trying to make it until July when we get to meet this bundle of joy. After that we will be praying about when to use those last 2 frozen blastocysts. That is something we know for sure is going to happen. That was one of the few conditions we set on ourselves when deciding to go ahead with IVF in the first place. For us, they are alive. Frozen currently, but given the right environment, they can become a baby. They have potential. And that’s enough for me.

Some people have asked me if I’m ready to potentially have 2 more children. Absolutely. If that is God’s plan for my family, then I will be welcoming those children with open arms. But we don’t know what God’s plan is. He may choose to have neither take in the future, or only one. Or both, and maybe they become twins. Who knows?

God does, that’s the whole point.

Sometimes I feel like the real point people are trying to make is that science is powerful and I’d better be ready for the potential outcome. You know what? My God is way more powerful than anything out there. Nothing happens outside of his will. If those blastocysts implant it’s because that was always God’s plan for my life. It’s because he always intended for me to have one,two,three,or four children, regardless of how they came to be. To say otherwise is putting too much faith in humankind’s work.

The future will come, and we will deal with each new challenge as it arises. But my God goes before me, and with that thought I know that one thing I don’t have to do is worry.

He’s got this. And that’s all I need to know.


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