Sex-Ed and Our Kids

It’s September, and school has already started in most parts of the province. Once again, Ontario parents find themselves talking about fretting over or outright protesting the new Health and Physical Education curriculum. Sorry: “The SEX-ED curriculum”. It’s been a simmering issue all summer, and this past Wednesday’s protests at over 100 Liberal MPP offices […]

A Christian Parent’s Guide to Ontario’s New Sex Ed Curriculum.

There has been a firestorm in Ontario surrounding this new, updated “sex-ed” curriculum that is rolling out this coming September. Since our church is full of young kids and young families and because my own daughter in entering school in the fall, I thought it might be helpful to cut through some of the hype and […]


Ben Levin And How We Respond

I have this…policy…I don’t, as a rule, weigh in on an issue until I have as many facts as I can get my eyes on. Ben Levin is a name that should be familiar to Ontario residents with school-aged children. The disgraced former deputy education Minister for both Ontario and Manitoba, and former professor at […]