How Ashley Madison Exposes Us All


Hey! Did you hear about the famous Christian reality TV star who had a paid account on Ashley Madison? Or perhaps the recently viral Christian YouTube star who was also caught with an account. Just in case you’ve been living under an Internet rock for the last week or so, depending on which news reports you read, anywhere from 32 to 36 million e-mail addresses and profiles were leaked recently and are available on the Deep Web and several searchable databases discoverable with a simple Google search. The whole mess is twisted, sad, angering and pitiful.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us.

Because all of us are guilty.

All of us.

Now let me be clear here, I have not cheated on my wife, nor am I saying you have with your spouse/partner/significant other. But I am saying that, at least according to Jesus, we kind of have…

Matt 5:27-30 is a well known verse, especially if you’re a man and have spent any time in a youth group. Jesus says that if you look at a woman who is not your wife with “lustful intent” then you have already committed adultery with her in your heart. Let me ask you, is there anyone among us, especially in the sex-saturated Western culture who is not guilty of this? I’m certainly guilty of it. There is one person in this world who I can lust after, just one. By Jesus’ definition though, I’ve certainly committed adultery against her though. This isn’t just reserved for pornography either. Second glances at a beach, magazine covers at the grocery store, Game of Thrones…each of these options (and innumerable more) can be examples of how harmless appreciation of an attractive woman (or man) can quickly become lustful and sinful.

Remember the Canadian porn study that couldn’t even find 20 men who’ve never seen porn?

Not that I’m here to throw stones, quite the opposite in fact. After all, Jesus also said: “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone[…]” Now in no way am I condoning the actions of people who intentionally seek out adulterous relationships or even one night stands. I do, however, think the rest of us ought to get off our moral high horses. Rather than pointing fingers and laying blame and tossing stones at men and women who have used the Ashley Madison service, let’s instead act like Christians, exercise grace and pray for them that they repent and for their wives and families.

Rubbing people’s noses in their sins is not what Jesus had in mind when He said: “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.”

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